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I am Judge Tameika Carter and I am the presiding Judge of the 400th District Court in Fort
Bend County, TX. Since my election in 2021 I have served the residents of Fort Bend County in
several different roles. As the presiding Judge of the 400 th District Court I have worked
diligently to reduce case-backlog by running efficient dockets and presiding over numerous
Criminal and Civil jury trials. In addition to my regular court duties I currently serve as the
Local Administrative District Judge (LADJ) where I handle issues related to courthouse
management. I am also member of the Fort Bend Bail Bond Board and serve as Chair of the
Courthouse Security Council. Prior to my term as Local Administrative District Judge, I served
as “Jury Judge” where I worked to ensure that our Courts in Fort Bend County could safely
conduct Jury Trials as we navigated our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. I have
participated in many community outreach programs and as a result in May of 2023 I was
honored to receive the Houston Lawyer’s Association Weldon Berry Judicial Service Award.
When litigants step into my courtroom they can expect efficiency and to be treated with dignity
and respect, regardless of their background or social-economic status. This continues to be my
priority. I am asking for your support as I seek to be re-elected Judge of the 400 th District Court,
Fort Bend County, TX.





I am for Truth, no matter who tells it.

I am for Justice, no matter who it is for or against.

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